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What are Organisations?

Tuesday, 6th Sep 22

Use Organisations to add another tier about teams, to use for Companies, or 'Super Teams'!

Creating Custom Reports

Friday, 18th Feb 22

Create customised reports to extract raw data relating to your fundraisers, events and transactions.

Creating a Custom Donation Report

Thursday, 17th Feb 22

Report on donations made to a particular event, page or your platform as a whole.

Reporting Basics: Top tips to manage your reports

Tuesday, 15th Feb 22

Get the most out of your reports with our top tips.

Report Fields Glossary

Monday, 14th Feb 22

A glossary of the fields available with Data Exports.

Gift Aid

Tuesday, 25th Jan 22

Enable Gift Aid on your UK platform to claim 25p for every £1 donated.

Enabling Google Fit

Tuesday, 18th Jan 22

Enable Google Fit as another fitness option for entrants to record their fitness activity.

Setting up Bibs for your online event

Tuesday, 11th Jan 22

Shop - Categories

Tuesday, 11th Jan 22

Create shop sub-pages for specific event products or product collections.

Visual Builder - Getting Started

Wednesday, 13th Oct 21

Visual Builder is an in-line site editing tool which is designed to streamline the creation of powerful, responsive and beautifully designed content pages. This support article will introduce you to Visual Builder, and walks through the basics as you get started.

Visual Builder vs. Classic Builder

Wednesday, 13th Oct 21

Visual Builder - Templates

Wednesday, 13th Oct 21

This support article will introduce you to Visual Builder templates, and walks through the basics as you get started.

Visual Builder - Sections, Columns and Blocks

Wednesday, 13th Oct 21

Visual Builder - Mobile-first Experiences

Wednesday, 13th Oct 21

Visual Builder is an in-line site editing tool which is designed to streamline the creation of powerful, responsive and beautifully designed content pages. This support article will introduce you to Visual Builder, and walks through the basics as you get started.

Fundraiser API

Saturday, 12th Jun 21

How to connect to the Funraisin API.

Live Streaming

Wednesday, 1st Apr 20

Enable the ability for fundraisers to embed video players on their fundraising pages and stream live!

Shop - Adding Products

Friday, 13th Mar 20

Sell merchandise from your platform using our Shop module. Create products and manage the sales to your fundraisers, donors and supporters.

Shop - Virtual Gifts & Cards

Friday, 13th Mar 20

Create Virtual Gifts for your supporters to purchase and send to their friends and family.

Single Sign On

Monday, 25th Nov 19

Use Single sign-on (SSO) to quickly login to your Funraisin platform.

Connecting to Salesforce

Thursday, 12th Sep 19

Connecting to Raiser's Edge NXT

Thursday, 12th Sep 19

Learn how to connect up your Funraisin platform to Raiser's Edge NXT.

Reconciliation 101

Saturday, 10th Aug 19

Manage all your transactions in one place, from donations to registration fees, raffles and merchandise.

Enabling Regular Giving

Saturday, 10th Aug 19

Regular giving can be set up on your donation/crowdfunding pages as well as on your fundraiser's pages, allowing donors to commit to weekly, monthly or yearly donations.

Header - Types and Setup

Monday, 22nd Jul 19

Choose from a range of styles and types to create unique headers for your pages

Header - Image tips

Monday, 22nd Jul 19

Activating Gamification Badges

Monday, 22nd Jul 19

Manually activate individuals and teams' gamification badges.

Creating a Lightbox Pop-up

Monday, 22nd Jul 19

Use a Lightbox to grab the users attention

Header - Slider Carousels

Monday, 22nd Jul 19

Create multiple header images to be used on one page in rotation.

Terms & Conditions

Monday, 22nd Jul 19

Add Terms and Conditions to the registration flow of your events.

Event navigation

Friday, 28th Jun 19

Use custom event navigation to override the default navigation set at the platform level

Platform navigation

Friday, 28th Jun 19

Add and edit your site navigation to your platform to enhance your user journey. Or create a custom navigation at event or page level to create a micrositetform and event-level to enhance user journey

Merging entrant account records

Friday, 28th Jun 19

Combine duplicate entrant records into one account.

Designing your Offline Event

Saturday, 15th Jun 19

Connecting to Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager

Friday, 14th Jun 19

Integrate Google Analytics with the platform to receive page view and e-commerce data

Connecting to Zapier

Friday, 14th Jun 19

Zapier can be used to automate date flow between the platform and a range of web applicaiton.

Registration - Overview

Friday, 29th Mar 19

Enabling 2 Factor Authentication

Monday, 14th Jan 19

Adding Gamification Badges

Monday, 1st Oct 18

Add Gamification badges to your fundraiser's individual and team pages, that trigger based on an action or achievement.

Recurring Sponsored Donations

Monday, 1st Oct 18

Enable fixed term recurring donations on fundraisers pages, to allow donors to commit to a set number of donations over a chosen timeframe.

Triggers - Email & SMS

Saturday, 1st Sep 18

Set up automated fundraising triggers that can be triggered throughout the fundraising journey of a campaign

Refunding Donations

Saturday, 1st Sep 18

Refund, or partially refund donations made in error or during testing.

Adding 3rd Party JavaScript Libraries

Wednesday, 25th Jul 18

Add 3rd Party JavaScript Libraries to your site and upload unlimited external files and have them embedded in your site’s files.

Creating a raffle

Wednesday, 6th Jun 18

Create and sell raffles with unique prizes on your site.

Syncing data to Campaign Monitor or MailChimp

Thursday, 24th May 18

Send data to Campaign Monitor or MailChimp account easily without need for a developer.

Syncing Data to Burst SMS

Thursday, 24th May 18

Send campaigns and schedule messages in your fundraising events using Burst SMS

e-Commerce and Event Tracking

Monday, 7th May 18

Social Sharing Copy and Images

Tuesday, 13th Mar 18

Customise social sharing copy and images,for entrants when sharing content across various social media platforms.

Columns - Percentage Width

Monday, 19th Feb 18

Password Reset Quicklink

Thursday, 8th Feb 18

Send entrants a unique password reset quicklink to allow them to quickly update their password and login.

Global Tracking Codes

Wednesday, 10th Jan 18

Setting Up Triggered Emails and SMS

Monday, 8th Jan 18

Quick Design Tips

Monday, 11th Dec 17

Reassigning donations

Tuesday, 21st Nov 17

Reassign a donation to a different member or team within the admin.

Adding a DIY Fundraising Theme

Wednesday, 15th Nov 17

Encourage your supporters to donate their birthday, do a hike, get active, donate their wedding and anything else you feel is relevant to your cause.

Adding Offline Donations

Wednesday, 1st Nov 17

Step by step guide on how to add an offline donation to appear against a fundraisers page, event or appeal page.

Configuring SMS

Wednesday, 4th Oct 17

Add Twilio or Burst SMS to your platform to send out triggers via SMS.

Configuring SMS Donations

Wednesday, 4th Oct 17

Background Images, Colours & Videos

Tuesday, 3rd Oct 17

Adding a New Admin

Thursday, 21st Sep 17

Manage your Funraisin admins by adding new users to your platform. 

Fitness - Connecting Fitness Apps

Monday, 18th Sep 17

Provide a simple and clear explanation to your supporters on how to connect their fitness apps to their profile.

Creating Donation and Appeal Pages

Friday, 1st Sep 17

For appeals and donations, create a landing page for donations where you can set up a page that includes dollar handles and a donation form.

Custom Branded Short URL

Wednesday, 12th Jul 17

Create unique short URLs to point to any page or registration flow on your site.

Events Overview

Tuesday, 4th Jul 17

A brief overview of Online, Offline and DIY events

Creating Promo Codes

Tuesday, 13th Jun 17

Create Promo Codes to limit access to closed events, or provide discounts on registration fees and shop items.

Webforms - confirmation emails

Thursday, 1st Jun 17

Donation handles

Tuesday, 16th May 17

Change dollar handle amounts for personal and sponsored donations to match the goal of your campaign.

Security Health Check

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

Google API Keys

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

If using Google lookup for addresses, follow the steps to set up your Google API Keys.

Ticketing - Managing tickets in the dashboard

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

Changes to Mastercard subscription billing rules

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

Fitness - 101

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

Walk through how to manually add or remove an activity, or filter the types of activity your event syncs.

Donations: Get Started

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

Event Setup: Get Started

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

Supporter Care: Get Started

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

Pages & Site Content: Get Started

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

Transactions: Get Started

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

Reports & Data Exports: Get Started

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

Tracking & Analytics: Get Started

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

Merchandise, Raffles & Shop: Get Started

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

Integrations: Get Started

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

Visual Builder Masterclass

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

Ticketing - Reporting

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

Learn how to pull data from your online ticketed event.

Ticketing - Entry Types & Ticket Packages

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

Learn step by step how to set up your entry types and ticket packages.

Ticketing - Ticketed Events Overview

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

An overview of how Online Ticketed Events work.

Visual Builder - Donation Form Block

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

The donation block introduces a new level of customisation and speed to donation page creation - enabling you to add a donation form anywhere on your page.

Visual Builder - Social Share Block

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

Visual Builder - Donation Feed Block

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

Registration - Next Steps

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

Supported Payment Types

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

Whilst credit card is the most common, Funraisin supports a variety of payment types.

Donation Types

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

Each donation on your Funraisin platform will be categorized, e.g. online, personal or recurring. We explain what each means.

Tracking your event performance

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

Here are Rachel's recommended reports to best track your event performance.

Resources: The Conversion Calculator

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

How to optimise your conversion rates with small changes to create big wins

Advanced Gender Options

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

Add additional genders to your platform for fundraisers and donors to select from.

Redirecting Content Pages

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

Redirect supporters from old URLs to your new and current campaigns.

Cloning & Archiving Events

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

The Funraisin platform has a cloning functionality that makes it easy for you to copy an event. It also has the archiving functionality that can be applied on events to bring down all fundraising pages created under them.

How to Send Data to Autopilot

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

Setting up Facebook Pixel

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

Setting up TikTok Pixel

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

Assigning a receipt number to an offline donation

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

Find out the reason why an offline donation might not have a tax receipt number and generate a receipt number for it.

Adding PayPal as a payment method

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

Expand your users payment options with the addition of PayPal to your site both for one off and recurring payments.