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How to set up Bibs for your online event

Tuesday, 11th Jan 22

How to add Terms & Conditions

Monday, 22nd Jul 19

Add Terms and Conditions to the registration flow of your events.

Designing your Offline Event

Saturday, 15th Jun 19

Registration Journey Overview

Friday, 29th Mar 19

How to add Gamification to your Site or Event

Monday, 1st Oct 18

Add Gamification badges to your fundraiser's individual and team pages, that trigger based on an action or achievement.

How to add Triggers to an Event

Saturday, 1st Sep 18

Set up automated fundraising triggers that can be triggered throughout the fundraising journey of a campaign

How to Customise Social Sharing Copy and Images

Tuesday, 13th Mar 18

Customise social sharing copy and images, for entrants when sharing content across various social media platforms.

Setting Up Triggered Emails and SMS

Monday, 8th Jan 18

Adding a DIY Fundraising Theme

Wednesday, 15th Nov 17

Encourage your supporters to donate their birthday, do a hike, get active, donate their wedding and anything else you feel is relevant to your cause.

Events Overview

Tuesday, 4th Jul 17

A brief overview of Online, Offline and DIY events

Changing Sponsored Personal Donation Amounts

Tuesday, 16th May 17

Cloning & Archiving Events

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

The Funraisin platform has a cloning functionality that makes it easy for you to copy an event. It also has the archiving functionality that can be applied on events to bring down all fundraising pages created under them.

Fundraiser Emails

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

Create templated emails for your fundraisers to ask for support or thank their donors.

Getting Ready for Next Year - cloning and archiving events

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

How to use QR Codes for event registration and check-in

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

Use QR codes to easily check-in and check-out entrants on site.

Funraisin Live! July 2020 - Supporter Generated Content

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

Entry Form Specific Emails

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

Creating a custom dashboard for your event

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

Customise the logged-in dashboard your entrants interact with from within their fundraising page.

Automated Emails

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

Setting Up Online Events

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

Follow our guide to walk you through setting up an online event on your platform.