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Gift Aid

Tuesday, 25th Jan 22

Enable Gift Aid on your UK platform to claim 25p for every £1 donated.

Enabling Regular Giving

Saturday, 10th Aug 19

Regular giving can be set up on your donation/crowdfunding pages as well as on your fundraiser's pages, allowing donors to commit to weekly, monthly or yearly donations.

Recurring Sponsored Donations

Monday, 1st Oct 18

Enable fixed term recurring donations on fundraisers pages, to allow donors to commit to a set number of donations over a chosen timeframe.

Refund a Donation

Saturday, 1st Sep 18

Refund, or partially refund donations made in error or during testing.

Reassigning donations between members and teams

Tuesday, 21st Nov 17

Reassign a donation to a different member or team within the admin.

Adding an Offline Donation

Wednesday, 1st Nov 17

Step by step guide on how to add an offline donation to appear against a fundraisers page, event or appeal page.

Donation Types

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

Each donation on your Funraisin platform will be categorized, e.g. online, personal or recurring. We explain what each means.

Finding out why an offline donation doesn't have a receipt number / assigning a receipt number to it

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

Converting a ticket/entry to an offline donation

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

How Donors can login

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

Each of your donors has access to a logged-in area where they can update their details and download past tax receipts.

What is PURL and how to use PURL to create campaigns

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

A PURL is a personalised URL (Unique Resource Locator), and by personalised we mean a landing page that is personalised with details such as the First Name, Last Name, Donation Amount or other specific content within the page or form to personalise it further for the supporter.

Making a donation anonymous

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

Update a donation to make it anonymous, change the display name and message, or hide it completely.

Matched Giving

Tuesday, 30th Nov 99

Double your donations with matched giving!