30 Nov 1999

Blocklists allow you to place restrictions on donations and registrations and they are most commonly used to stop card testing.

How do blocklists work?

Blocklists can be found by clicking on platform setup, and navigate down to blocklists on the white navigation menu.

There are many ways blocklists can be implemented, for example using IP/Email addresses, postcodes etc. Funraisin already has a blocklisting function where, if we detect card testing in large volumes, then we can add IPs to the platforms blocklists so you don’t have to manually add them.

But if you would like to add additional entries to blocklists, there are multiple ways to restriction donations & registrations in the blocklist module:

  • IP Blocklist
  • Email Blocklist
  • Country Blocklist
  • Card Blocklist
  • Postcode Blocklists
  • Amount Blocklists
  • Search Blocklists

If you wish to block certain IP/email addresses from making any donations/registrations to the platform, simply include the IP/email address in the box, you can add as many as you like.

The country blocklists are designed to make sure any individuals from certain countries aren't able to make donations/registrations, simply enter the country code in the box to ensure no one from this country. As for card blacklists, this is quite similar to countries' blocklists, but the only difference is that it relates specifically to bank cards, for example if someone has a bank account from Mexico, simply enter the country code of Mexico to block out any donations coming from any Mexican bank accounts.

You can also blocklist amounts as well, let's say if you come across spam donations for $1, then you can simply add $1 as a blocklisted amount and no donations will be allowed to be made for that amount.

Once the blocklists are applied, the following message of ‘Access denied’ message will appear and no donation will be recorded.

Benefits of using blocklists

The main benefit for using blocklists is to restrict any malicious activity on your platform. For example, the most common type of malicious activity are bots creating multiple entries on your platform and blocklisting the amount used by these bots can be crucial to avoid any illegal transactions passing through to your platform.


It's not a permanent solution, as IP addresses and other forms of information can change so the attacker. Blocklist's main purpose for an immediate stop, if this were to happen to you, please contact Funraisin by submitting a ticket to our support team.