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Events are at the heart of every Funraising site, there would be few sites that are'n't running some type of event, but it Online or DIY at least.

With Online events especially there are a lot of features that you can make use of so below is a guide of what can and can't be done with events.

Event Types

There are 3 types of events that can be managed via Funraisin site which are detailed below.

Online Events
An Online event an event that is created by a Funraisin admin that public can then register ingo and receive a fundraising page. Online events support the most features of all events.

Learn more on online events

DIY Events
DIY Events are events that are created by the public (fundraisers) and also result in a fundraising page. With DIY the event doesn't exist until the fundraiser creates it so the level of options is somewhere limited vs an online event.

Offline Events
An offline event is one where there is no fundraising page created, a typical example would be buying tickets to a gala dinner. For Offline events there are 3 sub-types which are:

  • Ticketed
  • RSVP
  • Registration