</> Developers Guide to Funraisin


Managing admin access is done via the Accounts module.

Account Types

Admin access can be controlled via the different account types. You can create as many account types as you like with each type being restricted to specific admin modules.

Navigate to Accounts > Account Types

User Accounts

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All admin passwords are encrypted using PHP hash but there are some additional options available around password strength and expiries that you can control, simply go to Accounts > Advanced Options to view the available options.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Single Sign On support for admins is provided via Auth0.com which allows admin accounts to be linked and managed via an external source e.g. domain controller, thus completely bypassing the Funraisin admin login system.

Enabling SSL is done at platform level so that it affects all admin users. Simply go to Funraisin > Platform Setup to enable it.

Visit auth0.com for more information

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two factor authentication can be enabled for any admin user or it can also be set at platform level so all admin users must use it. We support the following 2FA methods.

Google Authenticator
Requires the admin to authenticate a unique code via the Google Authenticator App on each login attempt.

Requires an account with either Twilio or Burst SMS (AU and NZ). With each login attempt a unique code will be sent via SMS to the mobile number held on file.

Sends a unique code via email to the email address held on file

To enable 2FA simply go to Accounts > Advanced Options.