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Adding Custom Code

Even though you can achieve quite a lot with out of the box functionality, Funraisin is built with developers in mind to allow custom code to be added in to any site, since Funraisin itself was initially built for us as we needed the ability to customise so many sites.

From snippets of CSS, Javascript to more advanced PHP code and SQL Queries, there is very little that you can't do on a Funraisin site.

Secure Coding

It goes without saying that any code added to a Funraisin website needs to be treated with caution, checked, and be as secure as possible since a typical Funraisin website can transact millions of dollars in a single day.

Before adding any custom code it is strongly recommended that you read through the below resources.

OWASP Top 10

Adding Javascript and CSS

The ability to add custom JS and CSS is baked into the platform and can be done from many locations depending on the need. The hardest part is knowing where.

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Adding PHP Code

Adding in custom PHP code into pages is dead easy, in fact we have built entire mini administration portals right from within the CMS.

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Custom Fields

A common need is to capture data other than what can be captured through our standard fields so for this the choice is to use Webforms or Custom Fields.

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Custom Controllers and Modules

Sometimes there is a need to do even more than what can be done via the admin itself such as creating custom modules. We have the ability to cater for more advanced needs via custom controllers and additional modules when needed.

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As a developer you have access to an almost unlimited part of your site and in addition there numerous helpers built it to make life easier.

Wee what helpers are available to make custom development even easier.