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Each Funraisin uses crons to perform various automated tasks e.g. Scheduled Donations or Campaign Monitor Syncs.

Below is a guide on what crons are supported and how they can be used.

Standard Crons

Every Funraisin site has around 10 crons by default which run at various times of the day / night performing certain tasks.

This is a data cleaner that runs twice daily, usually around midday and around midnight.

This creates a static backup of the website's database and stores it in a private repository, generally runs also around midday and midnight but staggered across different sites.

Triggers any scheduled SMS or Emails to be sent out. Runs hourly.

A general rubbish collection on temp files like uploaded profile pics that weren't submitted to the CDN.

Triggers any reports that are temporarily scheduled to send due to them being too large to download.

Triggers the main scheduled reports that get emailed or dumped onto a sFTP server.

Runs hourly, this updates any smart lists.

Runs daily at around 1am, this is processed any scheduled payments such as recurring donations, etc. It also handles credit card expiry reminders and failed transaction retries.

Triggers the standard AutoPilot sync, runs hourly.

Triggers the standard MailChimp sync, runs hourly.

Triggers the standard Campaign Monitor sync, runs hourly.

Triggers the standard Salesforce Sync, runs hourly but stagged across different sites.

Cron Logs

Besides the standard cron logs that exist on the server which aren't able to be accessed by anyone but Funraisin, we also store the cron logs in the admin so you can always see if a cron has fired.

Cron logs can be accessed via Platform Setup > General > Cron Logs


When adding in custom scripts that are executed via a cron it's good practice to also have your custom script create an entry in the cron logs.


Custom Crons

Funraisin developers add custom crons frequently to perform various tasks, often they are used to manage custom syncs to various platforms or very commonly used to create custom fields based on certain criteria which can then be synced using one of our standard syncs.

A custom cron can only be added by Funraisin developers with access to the servers and they always use the Custom Controller to handle the task.