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Funraisin API

Each Funraisin website has it's own API allowing for external connections into the site's data. There are 2 APIs currently available:

  • Fundraiser API


The CRM API allows for direct unfiltered access to a site's data tables. This allows charities to pull data out in bulk and also update data in bulk and it has been designed with CRM integrations in mind since this is the primary focus of integrating with a CRM.

For more information on the CRM API please visit https://support.funraisin.co/blog/connecting-to-your-funraisin-api

Fundraiser API

The Fundraiser API differs from the CRM style of integration whereby it is designed to gain access for a single record, esentually emulating what a Fundraiser can do or see on the site.

This API allows you to do things like Login as a fundraiser, get access to a fundraiser's profile and submit data on behalf of a fundraiser and is best suited for things like Mobile App integrations where the app needs to emulate / extend the experience the fundraiser has on the website.

For more information on how this can be used please visit https://support.funraisin.co/blog/fundraiser-api