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Often with a platform like Funraisin the need is to be able to get data out and import it into some kind of external CRM e.g. Salesforce

It is equally importing to be able to import back into Funraisin the ID from an external CRM which is why we have a field called CRM ID which is available on almost any record in Funraisin.

CRM ID types

The following objects in Funraisin support the ability to store an external ID.

  • Member
  • Member's Entry (history)
  • Donor
  • Scheduled Donation (Regular Giving)
  • Event
  • Team
  • Page
  • Shop Product
  • Shop Sale
  • Transaction
  • Raffle
  • Raffle Sale
  • Webform Entry
  • DIY Theme
  • Organisation Page

How to Populate a CRM ID

There are 3 main ways to populate records in Funraisin with an external CRM ID.

Manual Entry
Any of the above objects can be manually edited via the Admin and an external ID entered manually into the CRM ID field.

The API allows for any field on selected records to be updated programmatically.

Via the Admin there is a built in CRM Import feature available in many of the modules which allows for the upload of a CSV