It's finally time to review your site!

Below are some helpful guidelines when checking your site:

1. View the site

You will have received the site URL from your project/account manager.

To access the site you need to put the following username and password credentials:

Username: staging
Password: staging

2. Provide feedback through Bugherd

Bugherd is the tool we use to provide feedback. All you need to do is check your emails for your invitation from Bugherd. You’ll need to add an extension on your browser and then away you go! Using this tool, it’s easy to pinpoint exactly your feedback.

Visit the Bugherd website to find out more.

3. Setup Stripe

Before going live, please ensure that Stripe is connected to your site. It’s best to set up a new Stripe account, not an existing one so that you can access discounted rates as well as payment reconciliation. To setup your Stripe account, click here.

Please also activate your Stripe account (you'll need some personal form of ID and your organisation bank details and more). After you have activated your Stripe account we will need you to login to the backend of your platform and connect it up to Stripe. This is easy to do and we can walk you through this when you're ready- but first, the Stripe account will need to be setup and activated.

If you’re unsure whether a live payment gateway has been connected, please confirm with your project manager.

When reviewing the site, make sure to check the below:


We’ve found that around 50% of users of our sites use mobile. Make sure you take a look at your site on your mobile device.

Registration flows

Go through the registration flow as this is what your entrants will do as well. If you have solo entrants, teams or any other variations, try to think about how your entrants will be entering your event.

Testing Payments

All platforms have the option of toggling between test and live payments. If your platform has been toggled to use test payments then no live payments will process, your platform will instead only allow test payment details to proceed.

Here are our test credit card details to be able to make donations or complete your registration (if you have an entry fee):

Card No: 4242 4242 4242 4242
Expiry: 01/27
CVV: 111


Review the emails that are getting sent to you in the registration process, as well as system emails throughout the site such as making donations.

If you’re not receiving the emails, your IT team will need to apply MailGun requests. Let Funraisin know if you have not yet received these requests.

Site Tracking

If you have not yet set up your GA, GTM codes, Facebook Pixel code or any other tracking codes, feel free to set them up now and send these codes to your Project Manager.

Alternatively, if you have access to the site, you can add the tracking codes within Platform Setup > Tracking & Analytics.


Check out your individual dashboard. If your event has the ability to be part of a team, try to create a team (if you didn’t already register in a team) or if you’re a captain of the team, you can see your team dashboard also.

If your event is fitness based, try adding manual distances. If you can't see this in your dashboard, inform your project manager.

Social sharing copy

Once you’ve registered for an event, you can share your fundraising page from your dashboard. Give it a go and review the social sharing copy being used.

If you require help writing your social sharing copy we've put together a helpful guide for you.

Learn More

Extra features

Review the list below, note that some items may not be applicable to your site:

  • Badges/Gamification
  • Trigger emails
  • Tax receipt
  • Fitness data (Please let Funraisin know whether you would like Fitbit and/or Strava to be connected on your site as well as when you’d like the data to start syncing)

If you'd like to learn more about the above, please let your Project Manager know.