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If you are familiar with the full-stack version of the Funraisin platform, then you'll already know; there are lots of features to help you boost your charity than simply run virtual events.

Here's a few ideas to help boost income in uncertain times:


You can create these yourself quickly and easily in the page content module.

Virtual Gifts

Create a virtual gift of hope for your supporters to send their friends.


The low price point of a raffle ticket can be a great idea to stimulate income.

DIY Events

Your supporters want to keep supporting you - give them a simple option of creating their own fundraiser.

Matched Giving

Motivate your donors to give more by matching their gifts with a major gift. It’s easy to set up, we can show you how.


Show your supporters the impact of a donation. Utilise the power of the crowd to fund a new project or service!

Real humans, real support.

The Funraisin team are here to help around the clock. Our teams in Sydney, London, and San Diego are on hand to assist you whenever you have an idea you'd like to discuss or a campaign you'd like to launch into action!

Here's some examples of the type of support you might like to ask us for assistance with in the coming weeks - or even today:


Help! I need an appeal page and I don't have any great imagery!?

Ask about imagery


Can you please help me pivot my physical event into a virtual event with fitness tracking apps?

Ask about virtual


Can you create a pop-up for my event to let everyone know we've postponed our event?

Ask about pop-ups


I've created my raffle page and just need a little design help with my raffle ticket?

Ask about design

Reach out now

You can either; login to your Funraisin admin to lodge a support ticket for your question, or create a support ticket on the fly while you're out and about by sending an email to:

We're here to help!