Your feedback.

The 3 main themes from your feedback were around training, creating content, and the knowledge base.

Here's how we're addressing your feedback on these 3 very important topics.

More training after the initial ‘go live’ phase

We noticed that although we were adding a lot of new administrators to sites we were not seeing the corresponding increase in people booking in for training. We have now expanded our invitation to training beyond the main point of contact at each organisation and are now (as of August 24th) sending all new administrators (of all categories) through an automated onboarding journey where each individual receives a series of 6 emails over 3 weeks introducing them to all areas of the Funraisin platform.

During the series, everyone will learn about what’s available in the knowledge base, get several invites to our free weekly training sessions, and see examples of how they can use the platform to it’s potential to help boost their organisation’s fundraising.

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Expanding the Funraisin knowledge base

Currently, there are 130 plus support articles and videos on the Funraisin knowledge base. Every week we add new articles and videos and in the last six months we’ve added around 30 new short videos to the knowledge base to make it fast and (more) fun to find the answers you need.

Areas of the knowledge base we’ll be expanding in the coming months:

  • Online (Peer to Peer) event set up checklists and video
  • Creating a Giving Day using the Funraisin admin
  • Videos for setting up gamification and triggers
  • DIY (Community Fundraising) theme set-up
  • And a bunch more that we’ll let you know about in the next month…

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Upgrades to the content management system

One of the upcoming releases will be updates to the existing page builder. Setting up pages, editing content, and creating beautiful user experiences will be much faster and more intuitive. More on this soon!

If you'd like to leave further feedback please let us know below.

Not all have been resolved
Appeals pages
Giving Days
Ticketed events such as Gala Balls and Golf Days
Peer to peer fundraising events
Selling merchandise
Email marketing integrations with either Campaign Monitor, MailChimp or Autopilot
Data Exports - reports that you create and download
Matched Giving
Regular Giving